Devon Orchid Society Trophies

The Society awards perpetual trophies each year to members based on the results of table shows held at meetings during the year. Perpetual trophies are also awarded at the Annual Show. At the Orchid Weekend special trophies are provided and these are retained by their winners. Details of the perpetual trophies are given below.


  Dinema polyburbon  Ornithidium coccineum


Table Show Trophies


Evans Trophy for Best Novice

Leonard Foster Cup for Best Intermediate

Sid Gibbs Cup for Best Advanced

Kenneth Weeks Cup for Best Novice Exhibit

Beatrice Salter Cup for Best Vanda

B. S. Baker Cup for Best Species

Brian Rittershausen Vase for Best Hybrid

E. Perkins Trophy for Best Odontoglossum

Gordon Ford Cup for Best Paphiopedilum

Allen Rand Cup for Best Miltonia

Crofts Trophy for Best Cymbidium

Lady Hoare Cup for Best Cattleya

Mrs Marker Cup for Best Dendrobium

Charles & Joan Prothero Cup for Best Phalaenopsis

The Cup for Best Lady’s Corsage



Last updated 1st February 2018


Annual Show Trophies


Hayward Cup for Best in Show

Scott Cup for Best Species

Langstone Cup for Best Hybrid

Day Cup for Best Odontoglossum

F C Bowden Claret Jug for Best Cymbidium

Devon Orchid Society Plate for Best Paphiopedilum

Flo Lunt Cup for Best Cattleya

Ken & Lucia Lyne Cup for Best Dendrobium

Baker Cup for Best Vanda

West Cup for Best Phalaenopsis