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Updated 1st March 2022



Orchid Organisations & Societies


American Orchid Society. A great source of information.

British Orchid Council. Umbrella organisation for orchid business and societies in the UK. 

British Paphiopedilum Society. For slipper orchid enthusiasts. 

Cornwall Orchid Society. 

Royal Horticultural Society. Responsible, inter alia,  for registering orchid names.

Orchid Society of Great Britain. Premier UK orchid society, to which most others are affiliated.

Slipper Orchid Alliance. International organisation dedicated to slipper orchids.

Swiss Orchid Foundation. Major international body involved in orchid research and conservation.

The Mathers Foundation. Based in West Sussex, the Foundation support conservation, research and breeding of orchids.


UK Orchid Growers/Nurseries


Burnham Nurseries. Based in Devon. Open daily.

Elite Orchids. Specialist in slipper orchids.

Laurence Hobbs Orchids. Based in West Sussex. Open by appointment Monday to Thursday.

McBean's OrchidsBased in East Sussex. Open daily except Mondays. 


Specialist Supplies


Growth Technology. Orchid nutrients and growing medium.

Orchid Accessories. Peter White' s orchid sundries site.

Simply Control. Controls & equipment for orchid growers.


Orchid information & Photos


Kate Boyce-Miles. DOS member and artist.

CLAN Tropicals. Extensive information on a wide range of orchids

International Orchid Register. Find parent and grex names.

Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia. What it says!

Orchidees en Nord. French site, great photos. Collection of links to other orchid sites.

Pbase Orchid Gallery. Great photos.

Sue & John's Greenhouse. Great photos


Left click on the name to be taken to the corresponding website on a serarate page. There are many orchid sites on the web and these are just a few. Most of these sites have links pages, too!

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