Devon Orchid Society

Officers & Committee


The Society's Officers and Committee are responsible for the organisation of the Society's activities and events. Information is provided to members by way of a monthly newsletter in addition to announcements made at meetings. The officers and committee members are elected annually at the Society's Annual General Meeting in January each year. The officers and committee for 2019 are listed below.


Officers and Committee 2019


President: Sara Rittershausen


Chairman, Programme Secretary, Table Show Secretary, Show Secretary & BOC Representative: Nicola Wakley*


Vice-Chairman: Lita Hughes*


Treasurer & Membership SecretaryColin Hughes* 




Librarian: Ron Woolway


Newsletter Editor & Publicity OfficerJonny Hartnell*


Webmaster: Maria Dillon*


Committee MembersThose marked with * above and Jennie Emery, Gill Hughes, Ken Morton and Paul Wakley.



The rules of the Devon Orchid Society can be downloaded by clicking here.


Updated 28th January 2019


 Cattleya gaskelliana
 Cattleya mendelii
 Sophronitis coccinea grandiflora