We very much regret to announce that, due to an unforeseen and significant increase in costs, the Orchid Weekend we had planned to hold in October 2019 is no longer financially viable and has had to be cancelled.


The Devon Orchid Society organises an Orchid Weekend every few years. The last one was held in Dawlish Warren, Devon from 17th - 19th October 2014, incorporating an International Orchid Show open to the public on the 18th and 19th. This was a major event with thirteen displays mounted by orchid societies and eight orchid nurseries, four from overseas, displaying and selling plants. The next Orchid Weekend will be held from 11th - 13th October 2019 at the Langstone Cliff Hotel in Dawlish Warren, Devon and further details including how to register will be published soon. More details of the 2014 Orchid Weekend are given below.

Devon Orchid Society Orchid Weekend 2014


The Society's Orchid Weekend, held in memory of Wilma Rittershausen, was held from 17th to 19th October 2014 at the Langstone Cliff Hotel, Dawlish Warren, Devon EX7 0NA and incorporated an International Orchid Show open to the public on the 18th and 19th. 


The following societies and individuals mounted displays:

Bristol & West of England Orchid Society, Devon Orchid Society, East Midlands Orchid Society, North East of England Orchid Society, Orchid Society of Great Britain, Ron & Kit Lindsay, Scottish Orchid Society, Sheffield Orchid Society, Somerset, Wiltshire & Dorset Orchid Society, South West Orchid Society, Thames Valley Orchid Society, West Cornwall Orchid Society and Writhlington School Orchid Project.


The orchid nurseries who attended were:

Asendorfer Orchideenzucht (Germany), Burnham Nurseries (UK), Chantelle Orchids (the UK branch of Hsiang Yu Orchid Nursery of Taiwan), Laurence Hobbs Orchids (UK), Orchideen Wubben (Holland), Ratcliffe Orchids (UK), Roellke Orchideen (Germany) and Writhlington School Orchid Project. 'Just in Glass' also attended.


The major awards were as follows:

Best Small Display:  Somerset, Wiltshire & Dorset Orchid Society.

Best Large Display:  Bristol & West of England Orchid Society.

Best Extra-large Display:  East Midlands Orchid Society.

Best Species and Best in Show:  Writhlington School Orchid Project for Barkeria lindleyana.

Best Hybrid:  Clive Lloyd of Devon Orchid Society for Cattleya Penny Kuroda 'Spots' x Cattleya maxima.

A full list of Class winners can be downloaded by clicking on this link.



Updated 24th September 2018