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The winners of the class awards and trophies in the Society’s Online Orchid Show were announced at a brief Zoom presentation hosted by Colin Hughes on 15 th November. The presentation took the form of a slide show with details of the winning orchids and growers, with commentary by Nicky Wakley. Nicky started by thanking Colin for organising the show, thanking everyone who entered orchids and thanking the judges for their help. Then came a few statistics: in particular 108 orchids had been entered in the show, an excellent effort, and 20 in the Phalaenopsis class down to just one each in Cymbidium and Any Other Hybrid. 27 growers had entered from five societies. Nicky then went through the results culminating in Best Hybrid, Best Species and Best in Show. Colin won Best Hybrid for Phragmipedium Cardinale ‘Sophie’ and Martyn Tidball from Cornwall Orchid Society won Best Species for Acianthera sonderiana. The judges were split over which of these superb plants was best and so Best in Show was awarded to the two jointly.

Colin Hughes commented that holding an online show for the first time had been an unknown
enterprise and he was very pleased that it had attracted so many entries, for which he was very
grateful. Although everyone would be looking forward to being able to go to physical shows again, there were some pluses in the online alternative. First it was easy for anyone to enter without the need to transport plants which remained safe at home and second the extended period over which entries could be submitted increased the range of orchids which could be entered. It was interesting that Martyn Tidball’s lovely Acianthera was photographed in August whereas his own Phragmipedium was at its best towards the end of October. Another point was that the show remained available for viewing with the albums of orchid photos still online. He concluded by saying that he would be sending winners certificates recording their awards as soon as he could.








The Show can be viewed via a photo-sharing app called Flickr. To see the orchids entered in the Show, click (or touch) the links below. The photos are divided into albums with one for the whole Show and one for each class. Albums for a class will only be shown if there are entries in that class. The list of links will be updated regularly.

Viewing instructions: Click (or touch if using a touch screen) any photo and you will get that photo singly and enlarged with the names of the orchid and the grower (below left). Click (or touch) the small outward-pointing arrows towards top right of the browser window and the photo will enlarge further. At either stage click (or touch) the chevron on the right (or left) of the window to scroll through other photos in the album. If you put your browser window on full screen you will of course enlarge the photos further.


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The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in the cancellation of the Devon Orchid
Society’s Annual Show 2020 and most of the other orchid shows in the South West and
elsewhere. So, prompted by the success of the BOC Covid-19 Congress 2020, we are going
to host an online orchid show and have invited the orchid societies in the South West who
usually show in person at our Annual Show to join with us, namely,

  • Bristol & West of England Orchid Society
  • Cornwall Orchid Society
  • South West Orchid Society
  • West Cornwall Orchid Society, and
  • Writhlington School Orchid Project.



Any member of the Societies joining in can enter their orchids in the Show, by
submitting photos of the orchids taken between 1 August and 31 October, when the Show
closes to entries. Judging will take place between 1 and 10 November and the winners and
awards will be announced at 2pm on 15 November 2020. Members can obtain or will have
received details of how to enter from their Societies.

Entries in the Show will be posted on the internet in viewable photo albums as they
are received. There will be an album for each class plus an album for all the orchids in the
Show. Each album will be accessible by its own internet link and the list of links will be
available on the Devon Orchid Society website and Facebook page. Each participant will be emailed a copy of the links. The photographs will be viewable by anyone who has the links.


There will be ten classes for judging and for each Class the Judges may award
a First in Class for the best orchid in that class, plus Awards of Merit for excellent orchids
which failed to win their classes. The eleven trophies usually presented at our Annual Show
will be awarded remotely, and each winner will be sent an appropriately styled certificate to
mark their award. A list of the awards and trophy winners will be published on the Devon
Orchid Society website and Facebook page and a photo album of the awarded plants will be
available via a link which will be published at the same time.


At our Annual Shows there are lots of beautiful orchids for sale and, whilst that is not
possible with an online show, the nurseries normally selling orchids at our Annual Shows,
have excellent online shops which you can access with the following links:
Burnham Nurseries
Laurence Hobbs Orchids
Writhlington Orchid Project




Updated 21st November 2020